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We are a professional secondary window glazing company in Brixton that can offer bespoke designs in schools, shops, residential homes, hospitals and more.

We are proud to have been recently voted the Best Secondary Glazing Company in the United Kingdom when up against all of the top-rated FENSA approved companies.

Our team have years of experience in the industry and aims to provide the very best installations to meet your needs and requirements.

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Why Choose Us?

With years of experience in the window frame industry in Brixton, we pride ourselves on our expertise.

We can quickly and easily install secondary glazing on your existing windows, regardless of whether you currently have single glazing or double glazing, all without damaging the external character of your home.

Our installation and delivery service allows us to ensure a high level of care for every step of the process, from choosing appropriate products for your existing windows to perfectly installing secondary glazing to your original windows.

secondary window glazing Brixton

With dozens of five-star customer testimonials, we have a proven track record making us one of the leading contractors in the industry!

Our industry-leading team of experts in Brixton will help you to fit secondary glazing into your home and provide all of the customer service and aftercare you might need after installing your new windows.

We will help with installation, maintenance, and anything else you might need!


Rather than attempting DIY secondary glazing and risking issues, why not work with a fully accredited company like ourselves?

We have all the qualifications needed, and our experts will ensure that you do not have to worry about any of the stress of DIY glazing for replacement windows!

Secondary Glazing Cost Brixton

Secondary glazing can cost between £300-£500 per pane.

This type of glazing is far less expensive than new windows, and the installation is a lot easier and much faster.

There are several factors that influence the costs of installing secondary glazing in Brixton. These are some examples:

All we require for a quote is an image of the current window and some dimensions.

We can advise and quote you without coming to your home.

Get in touch today to request a free quote for a secondary glazing panel!

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Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing allows you to experience the warmth, security, and tranquilly of double glazing without having to replace your current windows in Brixton.

It can lower sound transmission by up to 70% while also increasing heat insulation and is great for draught reduction.

If you have secondary glazing carried out at your home or commercial property, you will see long-lasting results because of its sturdy and compact aluminium construction.

Our low-profile, high-performance DIY secondary glazing options will compliment your home flawlessly.

They are specially built for optimal thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as added security and condensation control.

Enhanced Security

A secondary glazed panel adds another security barrier to potential invaders.

Durable secondary glazing produces a subtle and unobtrusive barrier that can aid in the protection of your property against forced access.

Single glazing on windows in period houses in Brixton might be vulnerable since they provide low-security protection.

Our secondary glazing products are made from aluminium and provide thermal and noise insulation while giving increased security.

This type of glazing is designed to be exceedingly difficult to open from the outside of the structure; the glass panels lock into place to provide a secure barrier.

The aluminium exterior frame is mechanically linked with strong metal studs, which reinforce and rigidify the frame.

Improved Acoustic Performance

Secondary glazing is a tried and true means of decreasing outside noise from traffic, airports, industrial estates, and normal street noise.

The noise reduction benefits of secondary glazing sound insulation are enormous in Brixton, and this is one of the best and easiest ways to improve sound insulation, cutting external noise by adding a layer of noise insulation between the external noise and your ears.

Sound insulation might not sound important, but a little acoustic glass for sound reduction can make a huge difference to your comfort!

benefits of secondary glazing Brixton

Improved Thermal Insulation

Increasing thermal insulation in your home will not only make rooms seem significantly warmer but will also result in lower energy usage.

This will result in cheaper energy expenses.

Older timber windows typically warp with time, creating small breaches in the frame that enable chilly draughts to enter your home.

Cold draughts will draw warmth out of your home, causing the ambient temperature to drop/collapse.

Aluminium secondary glazing is particularly developed to improve thermal protection by up to 60%. It is intended to keep the heat in while preventing chilly draughts from entering your house.

Installing secondary glass in your home or business in Brixton might help you achieve energy efficiency savings of up to 60%, as well as the associated lower heating bills.

The added layer of new secondary glazing improves heat retention, preventing cold air from getting in and warm air from getting out.

Prevents Condensation

Do you have a condensation problem in your home? In most circumstances, installing secondary glazing will remove all condensation in your house.

Condensation occurs when the moisture content of warm air settles on a colder surface; the colder the air, the less moisture it can hold. Windows are often cooler than the air in a room and hence a visible source of condensation.

On the surface, double glazing cannot help condensation problems since this has no influence on airborne moisture in the home.

Secondary glazing, on the other hand, helps maintain heat in the home in Brixton, causing less moisture to condense, and by insulating windows (the most conspicuous site for condensation to occur), it can absolutely prevent serious condensation from forming on your windows.

Environmentally Friendly

Renovating and repairing existing windows reduces waste and the environmental damage caused by the production of replacement uPVC windows.

Overall, this is a lot more environmentally friendly and popular amongst many clients.

Easy Installation

A secondary glazing panel is easy to install and is one of the simplest forms of sound insulation on the market.

It is best to get a professional in Brixton to carry out the installation.

Once we have installed secondary glazing at your shop or home, there is nothing else that you need to do except relax.

Cost Effective

Lower heating expenditures mean that secondary glazing pays for itself over time, all without the hassle and expense of replacing windows and redecorating.

Reduced heat loss can make a huge difference to your energy bills, as heat loss in old buildings is a major problem.

Increased Market Value

Estate agents generally agree that adding secondary glazing to your property will increase its value.

How can its worth be quantified?

If you have added secondary glazing to minimise the noise in the home, this value will be noticeable whether working or sleeping in your home and would be a terrific selling factor.

If you do not have sound-reducing windows in Brixton, potential buyers may hear the noise and may be put off buying your property.

Heat insulation will help save money on heating and cooling expenses, which is especially essential if the present windows are simply single-glazed.

Our secondary glazing is subtle and allows you to keep your home’s unique character.

Once fitted, our unobtrusive solutions are scarcely detectable from the inside or outside.

Even if you live in listed buildings or conservation areas, your primary window can be upgraded with a secondary glazed acrylic sheet without affecting the existing panels at all!

Listed building single glazing can be a nightmare for heat management and sound insulation, but a secondary panel can reduce noise even in the oldest listed buildings!

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Secondary Glazing Options

There are several different types of secondary glazing available.

All of them have the same benefits: they reduce noise, improve insulation, and protect your home in Brixton.

However, they also have their own individual advantages that may be relevant in specific situations.

If you have any questions about any of these options or wish to make alternative arrangements, get in touch with our team today, and we can help.

Aluminium Secondary Glazing Brixton

This alternative, made of sturdy lightweight aluminium, is a small and inconspicuous, cost-efficient technique for insulating and soundproofing your windows.

Installing our secondary glazing might save you up to 10% on your heating expenditures.

Aluminium secondary glazing can be installed on any existing window frame, including vertical sliders and horizontal sliding secondary glazing.

This is usually in the form of magnetic secondary glazing, attaching to the metal frame via magnets.

UPVC Secondary Glazing Brixton

UPVC window frame options are the most common in more modern buildings.

If your existing primary windows are made from UPVC, matching UPVC secondary glazing units can be added.

This is not as strong as magnetic secondary glazing, but plastic secondary glazing is one of the cheapest and lightest options.

Wooden Secondary Glazing Sash Windows Brixton

Wooden casement windows are common in older buildings. These often feature single glazing encased in a wooden sub frame.

It is easy to attach secondary glazing units to these simply by fixing magnetic tape to the vertical bars of the frame and then using the magnetic strips of a secondary unit to hold your new panel in place.

You do not have to use magnetic secondary glazing, but the magnetic strips tend to be a little easier to install than permanent plastic secondary glazing.

What is Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing is the ultimate solution for insulating your property if traditional double glazing is not practical, such as in a listed structure or with stained-glass windows.

The term ‘secondary glazing’ can refer to an additional window put on the exterior of an existing window or one installed within an existing window, with the majority of systems being installed inside an existing window.

In most cases, the term ‘secondary glazing’ refers to an additional window installed on the interior of an existing window.

Secondary Glazing v Double Glazing

If sound insulation is your ultimate aim, secondary glazing is an essential requirement.

Because you may construct a significantly greater gap or cavity between the panes of glass, it provides far superior acoustic insulation than double glazing.

Because most double glass units only have a little gap, secondary glazing provides significantly greater sound dampening than double glazing. Including extra layers can lower sound levels by up to 80%.

secondary glazing vs double glazing Greater London Brixton

It is a simple technique to add three distinct glass thicknesses, the ultimate approach to increase sound insulation.

Although double or triple glazing provides superior thermal performance to that of secondary windows, not all buildings can be double-glazed.

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Some of the manufacturers we use at Secondary Window Glazing include:


What Thickness of Secondary Glazing Do I Need?

In most cases, we recommend a thickness of 4 mm for secondary glazing with flexible installation.

The insulating tape and glazing clips will fit perfectly on the secondary glazing of this thickness.

These clips will not fit correctly if you use a thinner or thicker sheet, and the secondary glazing will not insulate adequately.

We recommend a thickness of 4 mm for fixed installation of secondary glazing up to 2 metres long.

On a 2 to 3-metre window, a thickness of 5 mm for fixed installation is advised.

Should I Use 2mm or 3mm Secondary Glazing?

In most cases, we would recommend going for thicker secondary glazing, such as 4mm or even sometimes 5mm, for larger window frame setups.

This is because the existing pane will take up some space, and your new window panel will need to fit in the space.

What is the Best Type of Secondary Glazing?

There is no single best type of secondary glazing.

In some cases, acrylic secondary glazing will be the best choice, while in others, glass secondary glazing will be more appropriate.

To discuss which variety of secondary glazing is best suited to your needs, reach out and get in touch with our team today!

What Does Secondary Glazing Look Like?

Secondary glazing is installed on your internal window frame and consists of panes of glass in an aluminium frame that is fastened to your window reveals or the inner face of your window frame.

The first situation is referred to as ‘reveal fixed,’ while the second is referred to as ‘face fixed.’

Sliding, hinged, or lift-out units are available. At the top of this page, there is a picture of a conventional three-pane slider.

A secondary glazed window entails keeping the original window in situ while installing a second pane.

What is Secondary Double Glazing?

Secondary double glazing is a term that generally refers to the process of adding a second window to an existing window.

If the original windows are single-glazed, adding a second pane might be considered double-glazing.

This raises questions. For example, is it triple-glazed if the windows are already double-glazed?

Secondary double-glazed units are available, although they are costly and, in most people’s opinion, unnecessary.

To What Extent Does Secondary Glazing Reduce Sound Pollution in the Home?

Secondary glazing, when properly specified and installed, will outperform all other forms of glazing, including modern and triple-glazed windows.

Installing high-quality secondary glazing is always the best solution. in most cases, we would recommend acoustic glass and an air cavity of no less than 150mm – 200mm between the two panes of glass to achieve up to 80% acoustic performance.

What is The Difference Between Secondary Glazing Made of Glass and Acrylic?

Acrylic secondary glazing is generally easy to work with, requiring less specialist equipment than glass, and tends to have a stronger end result when compared with glass.

In most cases, acrylic secondary glazing is a better choice than a glass variant for a number of reasons.

This is because the acrylic sheet has a number of advantages that most people find useful. Acrylic also weighs less while offering the same level of transparency.

However, it is not all as clear as that. Polycarbonate, like Plexiglass, is more readily scratched than normal glass.

This is why we recommend using a gentle detergent with an anti-static effect, such as Burnus antistatic cleanser.

This cleaning product is also suitable for cleaning PVC, acrylic sheets, and other plastics.

Some people prefer glass, however, and neither of these options is definitively correct. If you are not sure which to choose, get in touch with us to find out more!

secondary window glazing FAQ'S Greater London

Will Secondary Glazing Really Save Me Money on My Heating Bills?

Secondary glazing will save you money on heating.

With a large enough gap between the window and the secondary glazing, you could see as much as a 4°C improvement in the room temperature.

That translates to 4°C that you do not have to heat with your central heating system!

That is going to save you money every time and reduce the amount of time you need to spend with your heating turned on!

How Do You Measure Secondary Glazing?

To measure secondary glazing you will need to measure the height and breadth of the frame to which you are connecting the glazing with a measuring tape.

Next, add the width of the magnetic tape used for attachment.

It is also worth noting that not all windows are exactly formed; therefore, measurements must be obtained in various locations for a genuinely accurate end result.

Do you Still Get Condensation with Secondary Glazing?

Secondary glazing prevents condensation from forming on the inside of your windows by reducing the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of the window.

Product Codes

Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

We are a fully FENSA-approved and certified window supplier and installer, licensed to install secondary glazing across the UK.

The FENSA programme is a government-approved scheme that oversees building code compliance for replacement windows and doors.

We periodically review every FENSA Approved Installer, from huge national brands to small local businesses, to ensure that their standards are maintained.

How Magnetic Secondary Glazing Works

We provide acrylic for secondary glazing because it is lighter than glass but significantly stronger (17 times) and it delivers near-perfect optical clarity – the same clarity as real glass!

We recommend at least 2mm acrylic, while 3mm and 4mm acrylic provide additional rigidity and should be used for bigger windows.

Enter the sizes for your secondary glazing panes above, then pick the quantity of magnetic tape rolls needed.

The magnetic tape comes in a pack with 5m of white steel tape for attaching to the window frame and 5m of magnet tape for attaching to the acrylic panel.

This provides simple, rapid, and cost-effective heat and noise insulation, as well as instant access to the window for cleaning and ventilation.

Tilt Back Balanced Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

One of our most popular secondary glazing items is our tilt-back balanced vertical sliding secondary glazing, which is designed to complement existing sash windows.

They minimise noise, reduce heat loss, are simple to install, and are relatively inexpensive.

Our tilt-back balanced vertical slider is composed of lightweight and durable aluminium.

The panels are balanced, which reduces the amount of effort necessary to move them up and down.

The balances also ensure that the panels remain in place at whatever height you leave them at.

The panels may be rotated inwards for simple cleaning by using finger locks.

These panels slide when you need them to, thanks to high-end horizontal sliders and lock to ensure that they do not slide when you would prefer them to remain firmly fixed in place!


Secondary glazing is a great option for most people; far cheaper and easier than fully replacing windows.

It is also easy to maintain, requiring only a wipe with warm soapy water to remove smudges and other marks from the surface.

Secondary glazing is also very helpful when new windows are not appropriate for your home.

It is perfect for classic homes, listed buildings, properties in conservation areas, and homes that just do not require replacement.

The sturdy and long-lasting frames made of thin aluminium can be used for many years.

The most often produced systems are sliding units, which can be either horizontal or vertical in orientation. There are also tilt-back vertical sliders, hinged units, lift-out units, and fixed units.

No matter what sort of secondary glazing unit you wish to have installed in your home, we can help you out!

Simply get in touch with us via our website, and we will answer any questions you may have about the various different kinds of secondary glazing and the process for installing each one on your windows.

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